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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the song sound like a particular Beyonce song, for instance? 2018-03-12T15:54:24+08:00

Yes. As this is not a commercial project there are no restrictions with copyright infringement issues. With contacts through Australia and the UK, we can even provide ‘sound-alike’ singers. Your song could sound as if Frank Sinatra, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Bono or Whitney Houston had sung it! Or of course, almost anyone else…

Similarly with the music arrangement, your song could sound like anyone from Count Basie to The Beatles, Little River Band to Metallica, Tammy Wynette or The London Philharmonic Orchestra had recorded it just for you.

Am I buying the song outright? 2018-03-12T15:58:26+08:00

No. You are purchasing the rights to use the song in any way you choose in a non-commercial setting. The rights last forever and are transferable to anyone you want. Any commercial use of a part of the song must be agreed beforehand with the writer(s).

Can I use the music as a karaoke track? 2018-03-12T16:07:24+08:00

Yes. I can provide you with a digital copy of the song with no lead vocals for karaoke use or any other non-commercial use.

Can I upload the song to social media sites? 2018-03-12T16:08:00+08:00

Yes. Please do share your song in whatever way you want.

Is Jeremy a musician? 2018-03-21T10:52:42+08:00

Yes. I play acoustic and electric guitars, bass, piano and keyboards but this does not indicate I will necessarily perform these instruments on a particular production.

My primary role is to oversee the artistic content and production of the work, much as a film director operates. The most appropriate musician(s) that will perform are chosen individually on a project by project basis to best suit the desired outcome.

Does Jeremy belong to any professional organisations? 2018-03-12T16:10:43+08:00

Yes. I am a member of the British Association of Songwriters Composers and Authors (BASCA, UK), the Music Producers Guild (MPG, UK), the Performing Rights Society (PRS, UK) as a writer and publisher, and the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) Australia.

What if I’m not happy with the result? 2018-03-12T16:11:22+08:00

The way the process is structured ensures that this can’t happen! Every stage is approved by you before going to the next stage. I have clocked up well over 50,000 hours of professional studio experience and bring all of this to every part of every project.