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Gifting your Song

Included as part of the service is full colour CD packaging. In addition to CDs, we are able to have the song cut onto a 45 rpm 7″ vinyl single. All mastering is done at Abbey Road Studios in London, home to many of the world’s most successful recordings over the last 60 years.

CD format

CDs are 44.1kHz 16 bit WAV, though any file type can be specified. The only CDs we use are Verbatim and are burnt at slow speed to ensure maximum quality. All projects are produced to international broadcast standards regardless of format.

Vinyl format

If you select a vinyl format the artwork is prepared separately for the cover and centre label, based on the CD artwork. You’re welcome to use a favourite photo as a backdrop or feature. On the ‘B’ side, (and as an extra CD track) you can choose to also have the instrumental version of the song – use it for karaoke!

Jeremy Freedman Record